Democrats LIED About The $2,000 Checks Going To Everyone, Use Marjorie Taylor Greene As Distraction


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Democrats LIED About The $2,000 Checks Going To “Everyone,” Dems Announce Stimulus To be Restricted. The new plan will see means tested $1,400 checks going out at an uncertain time.

Those making over $50,000 will see reduced benefits.

While most Trump supporters and progressives agreed that $2,000 checks were needed to save people during the COVID lockdown and economic collapse, it was actually Republicans who initially blocked the effort.

Democrats promised these checks but now that they have won and are in control they immediately reduce the amount of the stimulus, making it supplemental instead of the full $2,000, and announce new means testing.

While this is another opportunity for unity among left and right media is trying to drive the wedge by hammering at the Marjorie Taylor Greene story.

A perfect distraction to keep you off base as they block the stimulus payments you need.


“Trump’s Plan was to reopen America. Now America is on welfare.”
David Cohen

“Politicians lie, shocking.
In other news: Water is wet.”
Derek Drake

“If you don’t think AOC is stupid, then you need to invest more money into your research dept. At least Tucker can call a spade a spade, thank goodness.”
Vegas Royal

“Sadly Captain America would be condemning Chris Evans if Captain America was real”
travis dove

“they literally bribed poor people into voting for them and then didn’t even give them their bribe”
Joshua Silva

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