GOP Reps Family DISOWNS Him For Supporting Trump Impeachment


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Tim Pool – GOP Reps Family DISOWNS Him For Supporting Trump Impeachment, Siding With Democrats BACKFIRES On GOP. Six of Seven Republicans Senators are facing backlash and censure over their vote to impeach Trump. One republican Adam Kinzinger was disavowed by his own family who wrote a scathing letter over his support for Democrats efforts to remove Trump, going as far to call for his removal from Congress.

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It took 4 years, hundreds of millions of dollars, ALL of Hollywood, every celebrity, nearly all the mainstream media, all of social media, and a global pandemic for the Democrats to BARELY defeat Trump??? LMAO!!

Trump isn’t even the issue. For a republican to side with the democrats in a time when they are using every dirty trick in the book, and obviously shifting as far left as possible, is a huge betrayal.

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