Moments After Lecturing the World Biden Breaks His Own Climate Rules


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – Cristina Laila From the Gateway Pundit reports, Feeble Joe Biden and his handler wife Jill departed on Marine One and headed back to Delaware for this past weekend – AGAIN. Joe Biden spent the latter part of this week lecturing Americans on the virtues of making sacrifices in order to reduce carbon emissions.

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THIS is what people should be paying attention to ~ that the rules they impose upon us will NEVER EVER apply to them. That this is a transfer of wealth from us to them. That this, is something “else”. I would also love to see even ONE of these creatures live by the means they mandate us. Just one.

Obiden being lead by his nose and NO IDEA his son served this country just so Jill can lead a Demented man to help destroy it.

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