Parler Has Been REVIVED Amid Democrat Calls For “Truth Commission” To Weed Out Trump Supporters


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Tim Pool – Parler Has Been REVIVED amid Democrat Calls For “Truth Commission” To Weed Out Trump Supporters. Freshman House Democrat Sara Jacobs want’s to weed out Trump supporters. With Impeachment failing and Democrats still needing an enemy to unify around many are calling for truth and reconciliation commissions in order to get rid of fake news and misinformation. While it sounds noble we can reasonably expect it to be anything but. The Truth Commission would likely be the exact opposite pushing out disinformation to manipulate the public. This is why sites like Parler are so important right now. Parler is a space for people to speak much more freely about political issues and that means the establishment political machine and big tech will not be able to control it.

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“War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength,” thus sayth the truth commission.

“Truth commissions” sounds exactly like the “ministry of truth”

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