Republican presidential nomination in 2024 is ‘Trump’s for the taking’


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Sky News Australia – Following the acquittal of Donald Trump, he remains leader of the Republican Party, meaning the presidential nomination in 2024 is “his for the taking”, says Gray TV White House Correspondent Jon Decker. It comes after former US President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate after a week-long impeachment trial. Only seven Republicans joined the Democrats in voting to convict Mr Trump after a final vote tally of 57-43 and the two thirds majority required to convict the former president was not reached. “(Donald Trump) is still the leader of the Republican Party and what that means simply is that if he wants to run for president in 2024, the nomination really is his for the taking,” Mr Decker told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

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Impeach all rhinos!

People didn’t vote for the republicans, they voted for Trump. He could easily get overwhelming support for a whole new party.

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