Texas Lifts ALL Virus Restrictions, Will Open Up 100 Percent!


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Anthony Brian Logan – Finally, some welcomed news when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Both Texas and Mississippi have opened their states at 100%, calling an end to the mask mandate. In Texas, this change will take effect next Wednesday, March 10

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as a public school teacher in NC, The mask and limited indoor numbers dont make sense. My students have told me they try and try to learn at home, but it doesnt sink in until they come back into my classroom where I can connect new concepts in with old ones. Not to mention now teachers who want the vaccine can get it. Let the those who want it get it and lets get back to our lives. My students AND myself are suffering from these lockdowns. I have kids who parents cant make ends meet, etc. It was supposed to be for a few weeks, not years.

God bless the USA we want freedom for all

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