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Sky News Australia – Broadcaster Michael McLaren says Australia has wasted “decades with silly moratoriums” on nuclear energy and that “we may well pay the price” for doing so. “There is a growing sense of urgency now about which technology can provide the reliable baseload power Australia needs if coal is to go,” Mr McLaren said. “It is an issue of sovereignty and national security”. Mr McLaren said he is not advocating that the nation abandon coal. “What I am saying, is that if the anti-fossil fuel brigade remain in the ascendency of the energy debate, that our economy has a realistic, proven and dispatchable alternative to keep the lights on… and at this stage, batteries don’t cut it”. “Australia sits on one of the world’s greatest uranium deposits. We have a stable geology, vast unused spaces suitable for waste storage and capable scientific minds. “Indeed, the nuclear story is evolving and the development of small modular reactors may well be the new frontier. “Of course, all the talk about a uranium or thorium powered future is academic until Australia lifts the moratorium on nuclear electricity generation. “Scott Morrison should take the lead, legislate to lift the ban, and then let’s look at the economics of nuclear,” he said.

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Things take too long because the govt makes it so. Bureaucracies need excessive regulations to thrive and keep their jobs.

The wisest thing that should be on every wise individual list is to invest in different stream of income that don’t depend on the government to bring money especially now that the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard.

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