Trump wanted to deploy 10K National Guards for Jan 6, but was rejected


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Eye Opener with Michael Lewis – Former President Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows recently said that the former president was going to deploy 10,000 National Guards to DC. That order was done even before January 6 to support local police enforcement and maintain public order. However, former President Trump’s proposal has been resisted by local officials in DC. Even the leftist New York Times reported that Capitol Hill police had long received requests from the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice for law enforcement support. But Capitol Hill police had refused their request until the 6th.

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President Trump has endured so much and put up with so much BS he is made out of iron, Biden could never have that strength, could never fill those shoes, could never even come close.

They are doing this because they don’t want him to run again for president. It’s obvious

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