Was Trump the Only Thing Keeping Dictators at Bay?


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Sky News Australia – Sky News contributor Daisy Cousens says with Donald Trump gone “we’re going to be at the mercy of Xi Jinping”. “Donald Trump was the only thing keeping those dictators, plus Kim Jong Un I must point out, in their place,” she told Sky News host Gary Hardgrave. “He was not afraid to stand up to them, he called their bluff. He was able to relate to them in a way that Joe Biden couldn’t relate to anyone, let’s be real. “Now that he’s gone, we’re going to be at the mercy of Xi Jinping. If his speech was anything to go by – we should be incredibly concerned and incredibly ready. “I am very worried it’s going to go downhill very quickly.”

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I hope you know Trump knew this was coming and he was preparing us quietly for this

Of course China has a “Wall of Steel”, we sold them the iron ore.

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