Another Asian Store Attack: The Media Coverage Says It All…


Although this is another Asian store attack, this one won’t make it to the national news.

Last week, at the Charlotte Transportation Center, a black man suddenly walked into a Korean store and started knocking down racks and beating on the refrigerator doors. He did all this while screaming threats and swearing at the owners.

WSOC-TV reports that the Korean owners of the business have been in business for roughly two decades. Their son, Mark Sung, told reporters that they had no doubt they were targeted because they are Asian. Furthermore, this was not the first time they were targeted like this.

The culprit was later identified as 24-year-old Xavier Woody Silas. He was arrested for the violent attack on the store and is currently facing several charges.

The mainstream media will not report on this because it goes against their narrative that only white men are racist.

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