Black Leader Unleashes On Media At White House! ‘Quit lying’ About Trump

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Raynard Jackson stated, “I would like to say that all the media assembled here,” after referring to everyone present in the room, then proceeded to turn to the President. “I wish they would quit lying about what you've done, specifically for the black community,” Raynard Jackson included.

The C.E.O. and President of Raynard Jackson & Associates pointed out to “liberal, radical journalists in the likes of CNN's Roland Martin, and Don Lemon, and MSNBC's Joy Reid.

Raynard Jackson stated that these individuals are “putting more poison into the black community than any drug dealer.” Later on, he denounced these individuals of propagating deception concerning the economic climate, in cases like professing the boom before the COVID-19 shutdowns were an extension of Barrack Obama's policies.

He also stated that “I have a degree in accounting,” he even moderates a podcast on the U.S Talk Network. “I keep up with the economy. They're lying.”

Raynard Jackson questioned Martin, Lemon, and Reid why these people are frightened to invite black republicans on their programs “who know what the hell they're talking about.”

President Donald Trump was transparent regarding his initiative on problems relevant to the black populace, like opportunity areas for businesses, prison reform, and criminal justice. He often indicated the improvement in the minimum unemployment rate and highest employment growth ever documented for the black populace before the COVID-19 shutdown, especially with black education.

The Secretary of Housing and Human Development, Ben Carson, claimed that they were discussing “some of the concerns in the black community” even before the death of George Floyd “that have risen to the point that people all around the world are making their voices heard.”

According to Ben Carson, this is the best time to act because the Trump administration has already has established a record of solving issues that people had been enduring for a long time.

Carson stated that President Donald Trump had placed great importance on tackling these issues.

“We're all going to be helping in that process, and there are many others out there, people of good will,” Carson claimed.

“There are some that just wait for anything to criticize,” he added. “But there are some people who want to see a solution, and I've had a chance to talk to many of them,” because all President Donald Trump desires to solve problems that keep people in poverty.

Carson stated the basics of the economy that supplied the prosperity that benefited the black community is still active, as states rise from the COVID-19 shutdown.


  1. I am always impressed with conservatives african Americans with the guts to say what they think.

    Most african americans just scream the same old tired garbage that is not even true anymore. They do it becuae it is safe and simple.

    It takes guts to go against the common thought. Even if common thought is wrong.

  2. ONE BLACk MAN KILLED in Atlanta, and the people riot, where are they when 70 million BLACK Babies have been killed, where is the concern. in 4 years alone 2011, 14, 16, and 17, according to Guttmacher Inst. a company supporting Planned Parenthood, 2 million eight hundred thousand, (2,800,000) babies were killed, where is the outcry from the media. The media today in my mind, is trying to destroy America and with their twisting of the truth and outright lying is doing just that. WE MUST RE-ELECT DONALD TRUMP FOR HIM TO REALLY CLEAN OUT ALL THE CROOKS, NOT ONLY TRUMP, BUT DO NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE THAT IS AGAINST HIM. REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRAT, OR ANY OTHER.

  3. WHY has Back Americans turned against the party that freed them and turned to the party that formed the KKK a group that was formed to whip and kill poor Black released slaves and poor whites in line to their way of thinking. For all Black Americans that read this. The First and Largest Slave owners in the USA were black owners, not White. 70 million Black Babies killed. Why do we hear nothing from Black Americans?

  4. Martin, Lemon and Reid, are the cancer that is cultivated by the Left, in their efforts to thwart and mislead African Americans in believing the tripe, they produce. They are tentacles of the poisonous Fake News Media, who through lies, try to unseat the truths of Ben Carson’s accomplishments and efforts made by him and our President Trump. The Left does not want to lose control of the modern day plantation owner tactics used to garner the vote. The Left is governed, by rubber stamp, ideology.

  5. Listen…People…You have three identities… We have the federal reserve act which controls the money….! The Brockington Institute which controls the media newspapers and all the advertisements… Then you have the control forum Specialist. Who are the politicians that we vote to go to Washington DC who continually vote to keep this country In repressive State.Who at this time are all flying under the radar they do not want us United States citizens to realize that they are in all favor of being in Cooperation with trying to turn this country into a socialist Country. Therefore leading us into the New World order. This is what the deep state is all about located right there in the swamp in Washington DC.


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