Democrats Break With Nancy Pelosi On $3 Trillion Coronavirus Bill

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The House Democrats' bill, passed late on Friday, orchestrated to “suppress” the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the health-care and economic system was likely to generate discussions with Donald Trump's administration, who have been planning regarding 

the demand for business insurance amid the coronavirus

The HEROES or Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solution Act 

Over 1,800 pages, will further incentivize abled bodies to rely on the government not to work by dishing out:

$1,200 payments to individuals, increasing the maximum amount for a household with children by $6,000, as well as $600 weekly benefits, which were passed through July.

Pelosi stated that Democrats had “no redlines” in CBS's “Face the Nation.” However, President Donald Trump stated that he would veto, along with the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell branding it “dead on arrival,” depicting that this move will further put the country in a deeper financial crisis for the government is not an endless fountain of money. 

Some Republicans have claimed that a new relief package should wait until the impacts of funding from previous bills are felt. Still, Pelosi acted with a quick retaliation to the Democrats by reasoning it's to assist unemployed Americans. Since more than thirty-six million individuals – or more than 2 in 10 workers – in the U.S have been unemployed since the crisis began.

“Time is of the essence,” Pelosi stated. “In the past bills, they've put forth their proposal and then we worked in a bipartisan way. That's what we all anticipate.”

The measure, branded the Heroes Act, would “reach” to all branches of the U.S. economy and includes almost $1 trillion for sinking local governments and states.

The summary of HEROES or Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solution, Act: 

  • A 2nd round of direct payments up to $6,000/household.
  • $1 trillion in relief for local governments and states.
  • $75 billion for contact tracing and testing.
  • $200 billion in hazard pay for workers.
  • $175 billion in utility assistance, mortgage and rent.
  • Extension of $600/week unemployment insurance benefit.
  • Measures to purchase small businesses.
  • Money for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • Relief for Postal Service.
  • Funds for election safety.

Democrats state that the growing COVID-19 infection rates and joblessness rate haven't been this bad since the Great Depression during Trump's administration. The bill, if put in an actuary table, will cost more than $3 trillion, which will supersede the $2 trillion cost of the late March stimulus package- as the most substantial emergency bill in U.S history. 


  1. Piglosi is an insane socialist and her bill is just the latest socialist du jour.
    If Piglosi and democrats really want to help they should encourage their democrat governors to open their states and end the economic lockdowns.
    But it’s not about helping Americans with democrats, it’s about defeating President Trump and the socialist democrats regaining power.

    • Phil,
      Your post is about the only post on this that has some truth to it. The problem is how many people are okay to kill by opening the states back up? The states are reopening and some are good to go some are not those places need to protect their people. One death is too many to lose for stupidity. We are putting money before human life now as these people are talking about communist, this seems more communist than any bill. A bill that is not even getting passed should not worry too many people. The pools did show 84% of American’s needed extra money even if things go back to normal.

  2. NEVER pass up a good crisis
    The communist democrats see a way to further enslave the rest of America. Keep the people dependent on government for everything. It’s their SOCIALIST dream. Now it is up to us the people that will determine the out come of these last 12 years. Since the introduction of the usurper, barack husein barry soetoro obama with the direction of george soros and valerie jarrett we have witnessed the truth of socialism. What’s in our future? Who knows, but I hate to admit that I almost don’t care any more!!!!! I live in the deep woods country. Well armed with 1000’s of rounds of ammo! I dare you to set foot on my property. No threat, just fact, step foot on and you will be carried off!!! I’m tired of the people’s ignorance.

      • Patricia Mallory you are such a fool and a liar. Republicans are not in the majority,the communist liberals are in the majority in the House and the Republicans have a majority of four in the senate,but they have three RINOs,Republican in name only. Get your facts straight.

  3. This is DOA in the Senate. The Dumbos want Trump to be on the record for refusing it, thereby supposedly not caring for those in need. It is just a political ploy. She knew it was dead from the get-go.

  4. The 3 trillion she is trying to get is a lot of money for people but in comparison to the whole picture, it is actually a small amount. I am not saying this bill should pass but in Sept. when Trump releases his bill everyone will be for it. He will make the bill stunning for all us so we will vote for him just like the last package. In the end, each of us will get a lot more than 1200 and the unemployed will lose everything waiting. 1200 is not going to save them either and with the virus still increasing sending them back to work to die may not be the best choice. This is tricky, so if they let the bill pass it will give people a little to get by on until Trump does what he does best and buy the American’s votes with his grand package.

  5. Mrs. Pelosi and Todays version of The Old Progressive Liberal Democratic Party = The Progressive Liberal CSAII Democratic Party should STOP STEALING “We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of America’s Hard Earned Tax Dollars, And STOP GIVING AWAY Those Hard Earned Tax Dollars To ENTICE Those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens From Other Countries! The Todays DNC Needs To STOP Wanting To Be A Lot More Richer And STOP Being Power Hungry, Like Their Master = Mr. Soros, who Needs To Be Deported Out Of The USA, Like All Of Those Financial Sponging Illegal Immigrant-Aliens, Who Do NOT Want To Abide And Or Obey Every US Law And Regulation! If those IIA’s Do NOT Like To Conform To The USA’s Way Of Life, then they need to stay in their original Home Countries and Fight For Their Very Own Liberties, Freedoms, Happiness and Integrity = LIFE!!!

  6. Now, wait, this post is great! The American people pay the taxes and the bill is to help the people. This stealing money from us while paying the democrats and republicans in office an absurd amount of money is not? The illegals do need address but at this time we need to address ways to get the country going safely and handle the illegals when the borders are open to send them home.


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