Democrats Threatens To Defund DOJ Investigations, Demand Barr’s Resignation


The recent assault by Democrats on AG William Barr is actually portrayed as a reaction to the Justice Department’s (DOJ) decision to intervene in the prosecution of Trump associate Roger Stone. That is not the whole story, though. Remarks by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) may have exposed her party’s real agenda: to hinder – and even halt – the ongoing DOJ investigation into the genesis of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

The four attorneys taking care of the prosecution of Stone signed off on a sentencing memo, which recommended the 67-year-old receive a prison term of between seven and nine years. To put that in perspective, child molesters, rapists, and repeat-offender drunk drivers accountable for lethal road accidents have served much less jail time. Stone, who has absolutely no previous criminal record, has been convicted of lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstructing the House investigation into the Russian affair.

These are all victimless crimes that, one could argue, shouldn’t be looked at as criminal activity because Stone himself was unwittingly swept up in a bogus, politically motivated investigation centered almost entirely on uncorroborated claims, media reports, and hearsay.

Media coverage of the DOJ’s intervention in the case has painted the entire affair as far more dramatic than it is. The Department considered the recommendation of seven to nine years to be excessive, and so it stepped in and suggested a lesser sentence.

If media reports are to be taken at face value, though, the DOJ only intervened because President Trump tweeted criticism of the proposed sentence for Stone. Furthermore, the Justice Department – doing the president’s bidding – has overruled both the prosecutors and the judge taking care of the case. Of course, neither is true.

The Department’s objection to the suggested sentence has been filed before the president’s tweet, according to officials. Furthermore, the revised recommendation is just that: It does not command the judge to impose a lighter sentence. As Liberty Nation Legal Affairs Editor Scott D. Cosenza, Esq. explains:

“Stone will be sentenced by Judge Amy Berman Jackson – not by the Justice Department or anyone else. You could be forgiven for thinking somehow that the DOJ was the sentencing body, given how the story has been reported. The DOJ often recommends sentences to judges, but it has no authorized basis for doing anything other than recommended. Judges impose sentences.”

Talking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Sen. Warren called for Barr’s resignation and suggested that if he would not step down, House Democrats could impeach him. The senator went a step further, though, by recommending that the House might push to “defund” Department of Justice investigations: “And the United States Congress right now should put a writer on an upcoming bill to say, ‘Hey, no funding of any investigations that Barr meddles into,’” Warren told Cooper.

Strange indeed to claim the United States attorney general is “meddling” by doing the very thing he was appointed to do, but Warren has let the cat out of the bag. Democrats seem very anxious about what John Durham, the federal prosecutor appointed by Barr to investigate the origins of the Russian conspiracy theory, could uncover. Their objective, therefore, may be to discredit the A.G. and, by extension, the Durham investigation. Shutting it down altogether would likely be their ideal scenario.

Additionally, the president’s political enemies have shown themselves to be determined to pursue numerous investigations into every part of his conduct and even his business transactions prior to taking office. They are attempting to prevent the DOJ from taking any steps to reign in their excesses, and taking out Barr; they seem to sense, is definitely essential to that end.

What Warren is recommending – the defunding of DOJ investigations – would be the clearest illustration of something the Democrats themselves have been crowing about for quite some time: obstruction of justice. There is no word on how long Durham will take to conclude his investigation. Warren – along with her Democrat colleagues – no doubt wishes to avoid its conclusion. Should Republicans retake the House in November, they should, perhaps, think about doing some impeaching of their own.


  1. No, what should happen is that the Democrats should have to pay the Mueller bill out of their pockets. And the same with the sham Impeachment costs. They had no legal basis for either. Mueller and company were looking at the wrong party to begin with.


      • KEEP PEOPLE WATCHING the polls all day everyday and get pictures and video, if possible, of any large groups, vans, buses, that show up that don’t speak English.
        Get pictures of the occupants, the driver, License Plates, etc.

        Follow poll workers to see if they meet a truck with boxes of ballots, etc.

        AND WEAR ICE, Border Patrol and INS clothing, caps, tee shirts…

        Contact you local offices of those Agencies for help as well.

        WE, THE PEOPLE are the LAST RESORT!

        Pictures and license plates can be compared with other locations, and facial recognition software can identify people at multiple locations.
        With ‘early voting’ the dems have widened the ability for endless fraud voting.

        ‘law enforcement’ in liberal areas will be LAX so ONLY THE PEOPLE can PROVIDE THE EVIDENCE to CONTEST THE VOTES!

    • And the dems in the house should have to repay their salaries received during this time period since they have DONE NOTHNG during this shampeachment.

  2. The democrats are really showing who they really are They have lied and schemed in an attempt to unseat our President and now they do not want to be investigated so they want to change the rules so they don’t get prosecuted I am sick of these idiots They are going to force us into militias to stop these morons We are not going to continue to allow these liberal worthless punks to try to ruin our country This will not happen because there are many many more of us out here that will no longer going to except what the liberals are giving us So Pelosi you and your gang of thieves and liars keep it up and see how you like what you get Where do you think you would like to live Cuba come on Nancy we will give you a row boat and a week of supplies so you better paddle hard

    • You are right Michael. I’m tired of talking it is getting real close to the time for ya patriots to use the 2nd amendment that the founders gave us just for this kind of tyranny. George Washington said that if the government ever tried to take away our 2nd amendment right then it was every citizens DUTY to take away that governments right to govern. It’s about there. I started to end with God help us but it will be the ones on the left who will need the help once it starts. I’ll bet if it happens they won’t call this one a civil war because there won’t be anything civil about it. I’ll call it the uncivil war.

  3. The democrats need to grow up or go home. I am so sick of them and their antics when things don’t go their way. I hope they are all voted out and some mature adults get elected!

  4. The Dumbocrats action scream of guilt and illegal attempts to cover up their corruption. Is it possible to give Nasty Nancy, Shifty and Nancy’s sister by a different mister- Maxi Waters the state they have almost destroyed to be their country and see how long they survive. Maybe they will take Jerrold the jerk also.

  5. Oh my goodness – why would you want to go and do a silly thing like that? We all know how getting to the truth is something you Dems all support. It’s the seriousness of the allegation that requires an investigation – right? Whatever would hinder you from Barr looking for the facts and the truth? Guilt and fear is my best guess. You’ve pulled this stunt for years and now you are the target. Tough cookies people.

  6. Americans, take control of your nation, wipe out trashy Demos, do it asap, the longer you wait the worse it becomes, take your country, your freedom back!

  7. The Democrats all need to be removed from office. They aren’t working on problem solving all the want is to turn us bro another third world country.
    They are crooks.

  8. Barr must be getting close to exposing the corruption of the Socialist Democrat Establishment Elite.
    That is the real reason they want him gone.

  9. The Democrats seem to think that they have complete control which shows how insane they have become. They can’t defend the Justice Dept without the votes of the Senate. Even proposing defunding the Justice Dept would clearly show how afraid they are of evidence being found AGAINST THE DEMOCRATS.


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