Insane: Cartels Currently Have Operational Control Over the US Southern Border!


In a phone interview with Daily Caller News Foundation’s Samantha Renck, Texas Representative Chip Roy spoke about his recent trip to the border. He explained how the “cartels run our borders.”

According to Roy, there are now 18,000 children at the border. He added that “about 25,000 people have been caught and released,” which he called an “unfortunate trend.”

He explained that he was at the border with his “Texas colleagues” and said that he spent around five or six hours because he “really just wanted to get a sense” of the current situation.

“This is not new in a way, but it is much more heightened. But what is probably the most extraordinary is the volume, and it’s a direct result of the Biden administration changing its policies,” he said. “That’s why we had a wave of children. We have 18,000. And that’s the real problem.”

He further explained that Border Patrol is no longer “doing the return to Mexico policy” that “President Trump had negotiated with the Mexicans.” According to him, it was “a patchwork because Democrats won’t let us change the laws to do what we can do to fix that.”

“We can fix it,” he added. “Instead, they refuse to. At least President Trump was trying. And I hate seeing Democrats claim to be compassionate about immigrants and then see a seven-year-old little girl on a journey like that and cartels getting rich while they claim to be pro-immigrant. It’s nonsense. It’s a lie.”

“The reach of the cartels — I cannot emphasize the cartels enough — cartels have operational control of the border of the United States,” Roy said. “That’s the truth for the most powerful country the world has ever known. Cartels run our borders.” 

He also discussed what he thinks his fellow Republicans should be doing to help “fix” the border crisis.

“It is because of the absurd policies of the Biden administration,” Roy said. “And frankly, a couple of decades now of the failures by even some of what I might call my establishment Republican friends siding with the Chamber of Commerce too much when we need to be focusing on having a secure border for our nation’s benefit.”


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