It Happened: Radical Dem Joy Behar Actually Turned on Biden!


Last week, President Joe Biden had announced his administration’s six initial actions regarding gun control.

During his speech, Biden had made it clear that none of the actions he recommended “impinges on the Second Amendment” in any way. “These are phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake from what we’re talking about,” he had said.

It turns out that the six actions were not enough for Democrat Joy Behar. As a result, she turned on Biden, saying that his gun control measures were too light.

“Yesterday, President Joe Biden said it’s time for real reforms, but he also made it clear that he’s not coming for your guns,” she mocked.

After playing through a part of Biden’s speech, Behar agreed on The View that the United States had become an “international embarrassment.”

“When he says it’s an international embarrassment—I like I watch a lot of foreign TV,” she said. “They’ll have a joke on this show—like somebody got shot, and then the cop will say, ‘What are we, in the United States?’ I mean, we are an international embarrassment.”

She added that the Democrats need to “seize the day,” and the gun control measures are a good place to start.

“If you ask me, Democrats have to seize the day,” she said. “You know they will never possibly have control of the House, the Senate, and the White House again. So I say push through whatever is needed and hope Congress comes to their senses.”

After turning on Biden, she later confessed that she had “never actually seen a real gun.”

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