Joe STRUGGLES To Answer The Press As They PUSH BACK On Him…


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On Saturday, the Liberal Hivemind posted another video exposing the hypocrisy of the Democrats. This time, it was focused on how President Joe Biden and his Press Secretary Jen Psaki have struggled to answer the press about anything.

“It’s interesting. When Donald Trump was president, everything was his fault, regardless of what happened,” the speaker began before asking rhetorically, “Now that Joe Biden is in office, it should be the same standard, right?”

“Nope. Of course, everything bad that happens during the Biden administration is former President Donald Trump’s fault,” the voice says before showing a video of Biden passing on the blame to former President Trump.

The video then shows Biden essentially saying that he and his administration had spent their first three weeks fixing former President Trump’s mistakes. “My predecessor, to be very blunt about it, did not do his job in getting ready for the massive challenge of vaccinating hundreds of millions of Americans,” said Biden.

In reality, President Trump delivered on all of his promises regarding the vaccine. In contrast, Joe Biden has so far made good on none of the promises he made during the election campaign. Remember, he even went as far as to say that he would find a cure for cancer during his term.

“It’s just another example of obfuscating, deflecting blame, or just flat out not answering the question from the Biden administration,” the voice says. “And who’s the queen of doing that? None other than Press Secretary Jen Psaki.”

A reporter had asked the press secretary, “Regarding the domestic travel, [and] also going back to the border, does the president support leaving the southern border open to migrants before he would even consider this idea of domestic travel restrictions?”

“Oh, well, the border is not open,” Psaki said in response. The reporter, however, did not let her finish. “There are several reports of migrants crossing the border. Several local Texas health officials have expressed concerns that migrants are coming over the border, which the authorities have not tested,” the reporter cut in.

“Well, let me reiterate what I’ve done in here. I know different people are in here on different days, so I’m certainly happy to do it again,” Psaki said after a short pause. “You know, first, the majority of people who come to the border are turned away.”

So her answer to the question is that the border is not open and that the Biden administration is looking into it. As the voice says, those are nothing but “nonanswers giving the American people no information.”

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