Man Arrested For Looting Admits, What It’s Really All About

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An arrest of a looter, last Sunday, by the Los Angeles Police department, was featured in an on-camera interview.

The violent protests that have been ravaging the United States had minimal connection towards the death of George Floyd- but everything concerning the breakdown of order and law in a society that relies on the authorities.

The hysterical civil war that had propagated throughout numerous cities last Saturday night, one of the many consequences, is a hospitalized Dallas man right after he attempted to have a word with a group of rioters.

As outlined by numerous footage of the scene that went viral on the internet, a barbarous attack that the man received from the rioters left him grievously wounded. The graphic nature of the footage may be unsuited for the younger audience.

An officer claimed that the man, whose identity has yet to be revealed, went to the 200 block of North Lamar Stree in Dallas, within the premises of House of Blues with the initiative of suppressing the neighborhood from engaging in violent protests.

Bill Melugin, KKTV in Los Angeles, interviewed right after the arrest of a break-in at a New Balance retail store.

The man armed himself with a machete.

Police said the man tried to face the protesters, who then assaulted and overpowered him, according to KTVT.

“We saw you at the New Balance store,” Melugin stated.

“Why are you out here?” Melugin questioned.

“Man, just tryin' to get some money,” the man answered.

When Melugin pressed on whether it had anything to do with “what happened in Minnesota,” the reply wasn't what the talking heads on MSNBC or in the Democratic Party wanted to hear.

“I mean, a little bit to do with that, too,” the man allowed, “but not really. I'm out here for the dough.”

It's foolhardy to deduce an intent for instances transpiring on a nation-wide from one interview of a man caught escaping a crime scene. Still, liberals have no problem extrapolating from last week's death in Minnesota. Not only is the entirety of law enforcement in the United States an inherently “racist” construct, but the entire government is too.

The featured interview of the looter in New Balance, can't summarize how looters are shown throughout the country exploiting the short-termed anarchy to loot.

The interview gathered multitudes of reactions, as anticipated. One respondent claimed that it was scripted due to the nature of the visual and audio being out of sync. However, the lip movements are too close to the words for that argument to have any leverage.

Since the “riots” concerning George Floyd”s death devolved into an orgy of anarchic plundering, liberals had been speculated to be “twisting themselves into knots attempting to pin the blame of the riots on white supremacists” (Jeremiah Ellison, Minnesota City Councilman)

However, it's not the white supremacists who are at the held of command of the most urban areas in the country. Also, it's not Russian agents who are plundering New Balance branches for sneakers.

They are American residents from cities of the Democratic Party who have had power over for ages that are exploiting the tragic death in the middle of the country to damage businesses.


  1. This is crap he is trying to get some dough and the police are out to get lives. You can spin it anyway you want it still comes back to legalized murder by the police

  2. The sweet angel, and Sunday school teacher George Floyd got his due and is now in paradise. His life has ended because he chose not to change his life style due to the mean old white people that forced him to be the wonderful person he was. Think about it. Without the mean ole white man this country could be a wonderful third world country with nothing but beautiful black people eating dirt just like the the great people of Africa. Would that not be something. No one to tell them what to do or how to do it. No need for money. No medical services for their sick children or for that matter who would care about the children as long as the grownups are feed. Just like the African populations. When they get mad at some one they can just chop off their head and know one will be mad because that is the life style they seek. Does that not sound like paradise? No government aid to pad their pockets. All the music they want to listen to I’m a hot hut because there would be no electricity to plug their cellphones in to charge their batteries. O and with out cell phones the only means of long distance communication will be the drum made from a log. No designer clothes to be had because that mean ole white man will not be there to make them because there will be no sewing machine to make them with. O-I want to live in that world how about you?

  3. It all boils down to control by the democrats. They want to control everything and everybody. We cannot let that happen.

  4. What we really have is black wanting to breed out/over power the white race and, demorate wanting total control over the gov./us. So right now the dems fund the black so they will rape, steel, destroy and murder causing total kaos with the wantabe blacks helping, hoping this will get Trump out and the demorats in complete control, then they will when done using the blacks deal with them. It’s all there just open your eyes, the dems giveing the illegals a tax paid dollars to buy their support and, now give the BLACK LEADERS millions of are dollars that’s suppose to be going to the police dept, blacks get strong/police gone are asses out ……..

  5. John,
    Your tongue in cheek is too close to home for the commie, dumbocrat liberals. Don’t give out your address or the new Nazi brownshirts (Antifa) will be exercising their “rights” to firebomb your house.

    • If I give my address, it is because I would be daring them. Trust me they don’t want to come to my home. They will be met with much BRUTAL FORCE!! THE ONLY WAY THEY WILL LEAVE HERE IS IN A BODY BAG.Which is what needs to happen all around the country.

  6. In America it is not about black lives matter ( this would be true in Africa) here is about red lives matter relating to the American red skinned Indians that came to America before the English or the Blacks some thousand of years ago and protected our forests and animal populations .

    Remember the Trail of Sorrows when the Native Americans were slathered with smallpox blankets , and the remaining were put on Indian Reservations.

    • I heard so many people mention the American Indians and The Trail of Sorrows. Why doesn’t anybody ever mention The Bataan Death March. June 6th – The Anniversary of D Day. Americans and our allies fought and suffered great hardships so these looters have the freedom today to create havoc in our country.
      People may not know what the Bataan Death was.

      The Bataan Death March was when the Japanese forced 76,000 captured Allied soldiers (Filipinos and Americans) to march about 80 miles across the Bataan Peninsula. The march took place in April of 1942 during World War II. Where is Bataan? Bataan is a province in the Philippines on the island of Luzon.
      The Bataan Death March was when the Japanese forced 76,000 captured Allied soldiers (Filipinos and Americans) to march about 80 miles across the Bataan Peninsula. The march took place in April of 1942 during World War II. Where is Bataan? Bataan is a province in the Philippines on the island of Luzon.

      Another note on history:

      Antifa was not birthed in America. Antifa was birthed in Germany in the 1920’s. It has now permeated into America with ISIS members in the midst of of the Antifa protestors/ rioters.


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