Must See: Biden’s Latest Gaffe About Airplanes is Hilarious!


President Joe Biden has just added another one to his long list of gaffes; this time, it was about airplanes, and it’s hilarious.

On Wednesday, Biden said that the United States would soon have commercial aircraft “flying at subsonic speeds—supersonic speeds.”

According to him, we would be able to “figuratively… traverse the world in an hour” and “travel at 21,000miles an hour.”

“So much is changing,” he even said. “We have got to lead it. I believe democracy can come through when the American people come together.”

Well, Biden obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The US F-100 Super Sabre fighter plane flies at 864 mph, while the fastest North American X-15 jet can only go up to 3,569 mph.

If Mach 6.0 is the fastest that fighter jets can fly, how can a commercial plane possibly reach Mach 27.0?

In fact, Mediaite reported, “The fastest commercial airliners presently travel at speeds of about 600 miles per hour, a little less than Mach 1.”

I wonder where Biden got that idea from.

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