Nevada’s Culinary Union Members ‘Viciously Attacked’ By Sanders Supporters


A powerful union in Nevada stated on Wednesday that its participants had been “viciously attacked” by supporters of socialist Bernie Sanders right after the union warned associates against backing candidates that secure the socialist plan referred to as “Medicare-for-All.”

The Culinary Union introduced a flyer this week nevertheless that “Sanders, if elected chief executive, would ‘end Culinary Healthcare,’ ‘require ‘Medicare For All,’’ and ‘lower medicine rates,'” The Nevada Independent reported. “The Culinary Union, which provides medical health insurance to 130,000 workers and their family members via a specific belief in fund, strongly opposes Medicare for many on the basis which it would remove the medical health insurance they may have negotiated for more than many years. Health insurance offered by the Culinary Overall health Fund is regarded as the best inside the status, and also the union even opened up a 60,000-sq .-feet state-of-the-art wellness medical clinic a couple of years ago for the members.”

In an assertion, the Culinary Union condemned the episodes that it says that it received from Sanders’ supporters.

“We have appreciated Senator Bernie Sanders into our union for any town hall with Culinary Union participants, and that we managed tours in the Culinary Health Center and the Culinary Academy of Las Vegas with Senator Sanders, to show what we should have fought for and received,” the assertion said. “Our union believes which everybody has the legal right to excellent healthcare and that healthcare should be a right, not really a privilege. We have now already enacted eyesight for what functioning people need – and it exists now. Workers must have the authority to elect to keep the healthcare Culinary Union members have constructed, sacrificed for, and continued strike for 6 years, 4 several weeks, and 10 days to safeguard.”

“It’s unsatisfactory that Senator Sanders’ supporters have viciously attacked the Culinary Union and working households in Nevada simply because our union has provided information about what particular healthcare proposals might do today to take away the system of care we now have developed over 8 decades,” the statement ongoing. “We have always stood up for which we know and can carry on to accomplish this. … With each other, we are going to figure out the simplest way to fix healthcare in America, and the Culinary Union is committed to battling until we succeed for everyone.”

Sanders’ supporters have been widely criticized by several media periodicals and other people in politics for vicious attacks on other Democrats.

In a number of brutal remarks about Sanders, two-time failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton repeatedly attacked his supporters.

“It’s not just him, it’s the tradition around him. It’s his authority group,” Clinton stated. “It’s his well-known supporters. It’s him on the internet Bernie Bros along with their continual episodes on plenty of his competition, particularly the women.”

“And I truly hope people are paying attention to that because it ought to be worrisome which he has allowed this traditions — not just authorized, he appears to be greatly assisting it,” Clinton continues. “And I don’t feel we would like to decrease that street again where you campaign by insult and strike and perhaps you might try to get some length from this, however, you either don’t really know what your strategy and supporters are doing or you’re just giving them a wink and you want them to travel after Kamala Harris or after Elizabeth Warren. I do believe that that’s a routine that individuals should consider whenever they make their decisions.”

CNN further featured a few of Sanders’ supporters' vicious episodes on other individuals:

On Twitter, Sanders supporters lobbed hundreds of critical messages at the Working Families Party or its leadership, which included personal attacks that called them “corrupt,” “shameless” and “bloodless scumbag hacks.” One pro-Sanders account tweeted that “slave masters” had coerced the support of the party’s national director, who is African American.

Three days after the endorsement, a WFP spokeswoman tweeted a screenshot of one message that wished she and her colleagues would “all get cancer you are f*king trash.” She also said they received private messages saying “eat sht and die” and “drop dead dumb c*nts.”

Weighing in the effect that Sanders’ supporters are having on the election, MSNBC contributor Sam Stein authored: “I’m not sure Sanders recognized team has grasped the level that their supporters are impacting voter conduct. A lot of people at Warren and Pete community halls I talked to had been weighing a Sanders vote but mentioned these people were turned off through the tradition and crowds”


  1. I am a retired Verizon, CWA member. We negotiated our benefits for many decades. We took lower pay so when we retired we can still receive our agreed upon supplementary health coverage once we reach Medicare age. Take that away from us we are up shit’s creek, for sure. That means we gave up lots of $$$s in our pay for our entire time working. Sound fair to to anyone out there??

  2. No examples of any “vicious attacks” any time Hillary Clinton says something just assume she’s lying because that’s all she does. There is a candidate running who’s universal healthcare plan includes letting negotiated medical plans by unions and the such to remain in tact. Tulsi gabbard. Hillary Clinton and the democrat leadership hate her so she must be doing something right.

    • You hit the nail on the head- lifelong Democrat- lived in SF for 25+ years – once the bias liberal media and their abhorrent bogus reporting unraveled I’ve jump further right – couldn’t vote for anyone last time- but I have to agree WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT TULSI More glaring proof the party is falling apart. You all should be celebrating and promoting her, but instead she’s smeared and discredited. But dems think AOC, and her little high school mean girls clique The Squad are going to unite the party and move forward. There’s a great saying “sometimes you need to look at the past to see into the future.”
      Think about it. sad

  3. Who writes for this “right wing review” anyway? Obviously not someone for whom English is their first language! The grammar is atrocious and often just doesn’t make sense. Makes me wonder just who you are and what your game is. I am a conservative and tend to agree with the gist of your articles, but as I said, I am suspicious about your motives. Reading your articles is like reading the assembly instructions of something made in Bangladesh or Mars.


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