President Trump: Illegal aliens can get tested for COVID-19 without fear of deportation



President Donald Trump speaks during a coronavirus task force briefing at the White House, Friday, March 20, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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UPDATED 6:41 AM PT — Monday, March 23, 2020

President Trump recently stated that illegal immigrants will not be deported if they get tested for coronavirus.

While speaking at the White House Sunday, the president said U.S. hospitals will test everyone with symptoms regardless of their immigration status. He added that deportations of infected immigrants will be delayed to prevent further spread of the virus.

White House officials have said immigration enforcement agents will not be looking for illegal immigrants in hospitals during the ongoing outbreak.

President Trump went on to say his goal is to identify all cases of coronavirus and defeat the illness.

Central American migrants seeking asylum, some wearing protective face masks, return to Mexico via the international bridge at the U.S-Mexico border that joins Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, Saturday, March 21, 2020. Mexico and the U.S. are restricting travel over their busy shared border as they try to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/Christian Chavez)

“You could say illegal alien, you could say illegal immigrant, you could say whatever you want to use (as) your definition…we’re all talking about the same thing,” he stated. “Yes, we will test that person because I think it’s important we test that person.”

The president also stressed that immigration officials are continuing deportations of violent criminals and offenders from the country.

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