Rioters Breach, Treasury Department In Washington, D.C.

Image credit to Flickr. Image modified from original.

The building of the U.S Treasury Department had been damaged due to the riots that had spread in D.C.

Numerous protestors were captured by the Secret Service after they breached the Treasury Department's capital complex only to find the premise severely vandalized. 

In front of Freedman's Bank building, four men pose after vandalizing the premises even though the scene was labeled as a “peaceful protest.”

Even Fox News' Fin Gomez claimed that “Historic site bc the bank helped newly emancipated communities in the post-Civil War era. Frederick Douglass was bank president.”

The White House was put under lockdown last Friday night as riots broke out all over the United States, primarily due to the unjust death of George Floyd. The simmering tension left one of the Twin Cities to mandate a curfew as violent protesters disrespect and disregard authorities. 

A protestor was caught by the Secret Service rioting outside the White House. At the same time, dozens of correspondents of various media outlets and one of our journalists were transferred inside the White House as it went under lockdown. 

Here's the collateral that had transpired after the death of a George Floyd:

  • The dismissal of Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis officer responsible for the police brutality enforced upon George Floyd and his eventual death. According to Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney last Friday, Derek Chauvin is now dealing with manslaughter and third-degree murder charges for the death of George Floyd. 
  • “No physical findings that back-up a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation” in the result of George Floyd's autopsy, according to the Hennepin Country Medical Examiner
  • St. Paul and Minneapolis had imposed a curfew for the weekend, as outlined by an issued order by Tim Walz, Minnesota Governor. From 8 p.m. to 6 a.m Roseville, Minn: from Friday until Saturday nights.
  • Even after previously serving the military based on the archived records and police reports, Derek Chauvin had shot a suspect connected to a fatal shooting, and 17 more complaints in his two decades of service in the Minneapolis Police Department.


  1. So much for everyone’s a peaceful protestor. The country is falling apart. I did not say this before!!!

  2. I plead with my Fellow Americans and the Useful Idiots of the Left to watch , Agenda Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers , Agenda Two , Masters of deceit , Enemies Within by Trevor Louden , Socialism , A warning from the dead by Glenn Beck , These are not spontaneous events , Well Planned and Organized by the Political and Institutional Left and Communist China ,Russia and Iran are involved

  3. Marcus nailed it. This has zero to do with the tragic murder of Mr. Floyd. Crates full of bricks and things to throw at police don’t just show up out of nowhere. This is Dems/Soros with TDS destroying their brains. Total BS

  4. OK! let them de fund the police department and get rid of them…..Then the State Militia will come in and shoot everyone of these mutha Fuckers, I will bet they will try and call 911 to save them then. They need an attitude adjustment, send the survivors to Gitmo and water board them and find out who is financially funding them, my best guess is GEORGE SOROS. Damn people enough is enough DAH!

  5. Even Putin is smart enough to ban George Soros from Russia and Trading in their market. This man is pure evil from the spawn of Hell!


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