Texas Teen Found Hanged! From A Tree Outside Of School

Image credit to Flickr. Image modified from original.

The Texas police discovered a black male teenager hanging from a tree in a parking lot beside a local school. At least 3 other people from the black community had also been found, weeks prior to this case. 

The HCSOTexas's (Harris County Sheriff's Office) tweeted: 

“Deputies were called to the parking area of a school in the 6600 block of Rosebrook, where a teenage black male was found deceased. Based on security video, witnesses and other evidence, preliminary indications are the male hanged himself. #hounews

“There are currently no signs of foul play. Cause of death is pending autopsy. #hounews.”

Stefanie Okolie from KTRK-TV reported the incident on Twitter:

“Sources tell me the 17 year old black boy found hanging from a tree outside of Ehrhardt elementary school was a student at Klein High school most recently. There was a thorough investigation that included video review, and speaking to family. There is no foul play suspected.”

Okolie also revealed that several people questioned the viability of such “witnesses.”

“Many have questioned the ‘witness' aspect of this,” she wrote. “Witness does not mean they witnessed the individual dying. Witness is also whoever was there to see the individual afterwards and called police.”

Are the deaths connected?

In Victorville, California, in May, another black man (38 years of age) was found hanging in a tree. According to the sources, the black man's family members don't consider suicide despite the authorities stating that “no foul play” was involved in the black man's death. 

In New York City, another black man in the name of Dominique Alexander (27 years of age) was hanging from a tree with a rope constricting his neck on Cloister Path in Fort Tryon Park around 6 a.m. on June 9 in Upper Manhattan, the authorities reported. 

In Palmdale, another black man in the name of Robert Fuller (24 years of age) was discovered hanging from a tree, the California attorney general and the F.B.I is monitoring the death of the young man. On June 10, Robert Fuller was discovered hanging from a tree beside the city hall.


  1. This is a shocking tragedy. four (4) black males didn’t all suddenly decide to commit suicide this month.

    This has to be the work of agitators. White KKK dudes are riding around looking for young blacks to murder in CA and NYC. Even TX!

    The federal government ought to assign a special task force to investigate. All lives matter.

  2. I agree, foul play is definitely at play here. Someone is trying to stoke the recent death of a black man being Murdered by the knee of a bad white cop. Police, FBI, whomever need to find out who is getting the pay off of their deaths. These men did not need to die for a cause that everyone agreed with.

  3. This is what I call (Sacrifice/death for a Cause). In other words, black will do all they can do to change the law, abolish/defund the police, and demand change on racist law. In addition, they want more people to recognize that blacks are the victim of poverty and unemployment. It’s not going to happen, but there will always be foolish people.

  4. Why is the government so oblivious to everything that’s been going on? Some people do not know anything about what the word, “racist”, means. I am a retired teacher, and I always taught my students to question what I was teaching. One cannot learn if they do not ask questions. This means both the students and teachers. We must express that this is not only for the classroom, but outside of it also. Maybe, then, we can begin to create a society that is not ignorant to diversity, but curious enough to want to learn from it.

    • I think it’s a little premature to say ‘there definitely is foul play here’. While we still have them, we should let the police conduct their investigation, with the FBI’s help if need be.

      How many blacks on average commit suicide on a monthly basis? How many do so by hanging? Unfotunately suicide isn’t exactly a rare phenomenon, especially among teenagers and our Vets (22 per day – too many).

      Society today is too quick to come to judgment without many, if any facts. Investigations take time! But in the world today everything has to be done NOW! And everyone now is an expert on everything, even when they are completely ignorant!

  5. 4 people have taken there own life, and hundreds are killed every month in this country, and you will hear all about them on the news, but, my question to the news media, why are we hearing about the 70,000,000,000, (70 Million) black babies that have been killed, and the millions of other races, these were murdered. In 4 years alone, according to Guttmacher Inst., a company supporting Planned Parenthood, 2 million 800,000 babies were killed in 4 years 2011, 14, 15 and 17 and millions have been killed since then. Also, why don’t they investigate, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TERROR CAMPS IN THE USA, 35 IS LISTED ON GOOGLE, BUT THERE ARE A LOT MORE. WHY IS OUR GOVERNMENT NOT DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

  6. But I know of a white male in his 40’s who committed suicide – or did he? – during the last month.
    He also hung himself. Or did he get killed by blacks?
    Please, just because someone is found hanging and is black, does not mean white people hung him.
    Probably more likely to be hung by a cartel member, anyway.


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