The Obamagate Scandal Just Got Worse!

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Amongst countless angles of argument, one of the most significant factors that resulted in Michael Flynn's dismissal is that he lied to Mike Pence. Even with the widespread Democratic Media propaganda diversion that Michael Flynn was orchestrated for failure by the FBI, it still does not prove Michael innocent for not telling the truth.

However, the latest data that has witnessed the light of the day illustrates the feeble endeavor to obfuscate from evident corruption is still incapable of making a straight line.

The most significant portion of the case is that the phone call was intended to be the most reliable card against the looming NSA.

Provided by a reading of the unveiled documents right after the conversation with Kislyak, a Russian Ambassador, the latest unveiling demands for Michael Flynn was past the point of seeing daylight.

Due to the positioning of the call in the entire time, people would think everyone could have had caught Michael Flynn.

The FBI did not provide the “transcript” to the White House and delivered a half-baked summary of the call.

The messy proportions to which Michael Flynn destined will appear like treading on foreign waters; however, every detail is crucial.

Things to consider (1)

The primary note is that former President Barrack Obama pressed the Department Of Justice to resurface Michael Flynn's case, even with insufficient leverage like the WITNESSING THE ACTUAL TRANSCRIPT Michael Flynn has said.

Things to consider (2)

The initiative by itself mounts into a mountain of impropriety, even without concrete evidence in hand, what is the reasoning behind Barrack Obama's effort to have Michael Flynn prosecuted?

Things to consider (3)

It's highly likely that the FBI did not show the transcript with Michael Flynn's identity revealed demands a request, another misconduct concerning protocols and legality. 

The FBI's Participation

“We did not disseminate this take in any finished intelligence” in addition to that, Comey “was referring to those specific tech cuts,”

the staffer quoted from the prior Comey testimony.

“So no transcript or summary of conversations with Kislyak that were ever masked, and therefore, there were no unmasking requests that could have been made for these nonexistent reports,” the staffer claimed while explaining the problem.

“I think your description is accurate,” McCabe as he responds.

What's mind-boggling regarding the quote was that Comey was elusive towards the revelation. If there was no revelation, everything should be okay, yes? 

However, the most recent data claims that it is false. The insufficient revelation right after the discussion with Kislyak even mounts more evidence of corruption linked to the case.

The original problem is that everything came from the summary that the FBI provided, such as Michael Flynn's truthful prosecution. 

It's insulting to the American people that the transcript of the call was not provided. Everything piles up as an enormous scandal; this should be taken seriously.


  1. No sense wasting your time writing an article about this, it will never go any where anyway. It seems the Democrats are above the law and can’t be touched. All I ever hear is talk talk talk, and it never goes anywhere, “We The People” are sick and tired of this, someone needs to be prosecuted, set up a plea deal and let them sing like a J Bird. This will bring all the rats out of the darkness.

    • Agreed, time for people to go to jail and do hard time, then this crap will not happen again 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


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