Tiger Woods: enrages left by saying what they’ve deemed off-limits in George Floyd response

Image credit to commons.wikimedia.org. Image modified from original.

Tiger Woods was quickly trolled over twitter right after he published his concern regarding the George Floyd incident.

“My heart goes out to George Floyd, his loved ones, and all of us who are hurting right now. I have had the utmost respect for our

law enforcement. They train so diligently to understand how, when, and where to use force. This shocking tragedy clearly crossed that line. I remember the LA riots and learned that education is the best path forward. We can make our points without burning the very neighborhoods that we live in. I hope that through constructive, honest conversations, we can build a safer, unified society.” according to Tiger Woods. 

Woods joined the growing list of athletes who have expressed their thoughts on Floyd's death and the protests like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabar.

However, people on Twitter also brought out their bitterness with underhanded remarks.  

“Shocking coming form you since you never knew what it's like to a BLACK MAN” @FOlnewsteam

“You could have just typed Negroes behave. And saved a whole bunch of time and graphic design etc. We know you ain't with us. You've told us several times.” @ChocnessMonsta

“Condemn the president please.” @komenak

“Well they have golf, infidelity, and spousal abuse in common. Like two peas in a pod.” @D_NastyFrom_LA

“Soft. You gold with the guy who is declaring war on his citizens for standing up for a cause. The @PGATOUR should be ashamed as well for promoting his golf courses.” @corymichae72

“You get angrier when a photo is taken of you on your BACKSWING” @DirkCousin


  1. Destroying property and lives is not protest, it is riot. I don’t care what color you are if you destroy someone else’s property you are a criminal and you do not bring honor to George Floyd.

  2. The twits on the Twitter sewer expressing their hatred and ignorance.
    Floyd’s death was not the President’s or Woods fault. Both stand for law and order and so should the black community. Supporting democrats hasn’t gotten black Americans anything, except misery and dependence. The President and Woods are right and the twits on Twitter are ignorant fools.

  3. I read the book on Tiger. Some of these people should learn to read and they would learn the truth about how Tiger grew up WITHOUT privelege. But first they have to learn to read.

  4. They need manners, education and I had thought Obama would take care of that problem but he never did one single thing for the black person because he grew up thinking he is white. What a waste. What a piece of s**t.

  5. It is so uplifting to read the comments of people, around the country, who can see both sides of this situation. There are two sides and rioting is not the answer. You are shooting yourselves in the foot and destroying your brothers who have worked so hard to establish businesses. Shame on you!


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