Tim Scott says: There is danger coming

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Tim Scott, South Carolina Senator, snapped at the Senate Floor after Senate Democrats obstruct police reform in America. After Sen. Tim Scott has had enough of death threats from left-wing radicals, after being neglected by the Democratic Party, it was time for the Sen. to reveal the truth. 

In a half an hour-long speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Tim Scott gnawed into the Democratic Party for ignoring and refusing to acknowledge the social issues that he raised. The Democratic Party walked out half-way through discussions and answering “no” to all of Sen. Tim Scott's talking points. 

Watch the whole speech below.

The senator commenced the speech after, at the behest of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, almost every Democrat in the Senate voted against the JUSTICE Act, a police reform bill that Sen. Tim Scott, a black man, had written.

“Today, we lost— I lost a vote on a piece of legislation that would have led to systemic change in the relationship between the communities of color and the law enforcement community. This legislation spoke to the important issues that have brought us here today. We wouldn't be here if it were not, as Senator Perdue alluded to, for the death of yet another African American man, George Floyd,” he stated.

“His murder is why the country has given us the opportunity to lead, to lead. And my friends on the other side just said no. Not no to the legislation. They just said no.”

Indeed they did, though their “no” was expected.

Since day one, Schumer and Pelosi, both white, have voted against the police reform bill. Featured on CBS News Radio, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that Sen. Tim Scott's reform bill was “unsalvageable,” It can't make “any difference.” She continued to say that Republicans like Sen. Tim Scott— a black man, were “trying to get away with the murder of George Floyd.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi later refused to apologize for voting against the bill:

Following Wednesday's vote, Schumer delivered a statement to NPR claiming the bill “was so deeply flawed that it was not fixable, even if they let us have a few amendments.”

Except according to Sen. Tim Scott, he'd offered Democrats at least 20 amendments and counting.

“We offered them opportunities, at least 20 I offered, to change it. Their answer to me? You can't offer 20 amendments. I said why not? Because Mitch McConnell won't give 20 amendments. I spoke to Mitch McConnell. He said you can have 20 amendments,” he explained.

Yet no matter what Sen. Tim Scott introduced and included in the bill, the Democratic Party was adamant about refusing. The Democrats were instead inclined to stick with traditional strategy of just stomping their fists like spoiled children and demonizing Republicans in bad faith.


  1. Dumbocrats… the Party of Hate, Division, Distortion. EVERYTHING they do is to retain some sort of power and presence in the subjugation of free thought and free expression of ideas. Obstructionists through and through in every public expression of mindless comments. Echo chambers for unintelligent responses to solutions of any kind that can resolve the differences we face as a society. — The Department of Education, a Cabinet post established by Bill Clinton to reward Public Education Unions, should be totally restructured or eliminated. Every county in this country should be in control of the education of their students. WHY? Because this is where all this B.S. was institutionalized…and made public policy. And what is that? It is the
    brain washing of our most valuable treasure; the young minds of our children. Without free thought and honest intellectual curiousity we are doomed as a Republic.

    • I couldn’t agree more. The new commie party is the number one enemy of America and her people. Why everyone cant see that is beyond me. It must be the TDS blinding them. Unfortunately we the people will only put up with their antics for so long before we have to step in. This is our country and we won’t allow them to destroy what we have fought and worked so hard for. Unfortunately I feel a civil war part 2 in our future and I know which side will prevail

  2. When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the communist party took control of the democrat party. The communists control the Education Department and Unions, Hollywood and the entertainment industry and unions, Main Stream Media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN. BLM is funded by communists, and the “Professional Rioters” are paid for their services. Read the “Rules of Radicals”, by Communist Saul Alinsky. Communists always destroy monuments and rewrite history when they take over a country. Go President Trump, 2020


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