Tucker Carlson Responds! After The Mob Tries To Get His Show Canceled

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In Tucker Carlson's attempts to dismantle the revolting leftist rioters in Fox News, the violent protesters spent the last 24 hours trying to force the show out of the air. 

In response, Tucker Carlson stated : 

“The whole thing did get us thinking that maybe we should be more specific about who this mob is, and what they're doing. Who are the people trying to take over your country, cancel your rights, eliminate our centuries-long tradition of tolerance and free expression?

The truth is that we don't often know their names. They're mostly faceless political agitators who exist primarily on lying. They're trolls who thrive on cruelty, and yet suddenly, they have immense power over all of us. Weak leaders now reflexively bow to their demands no matter what those demands are.”

Tucker Carlson also highlighted that our country's defenses “have weakened by decades of relentless propaganda, designed to make us feel that we have no right to stand up for ourselves.”

The Leftist propaganda claims that Republicans are “too sinful to resist and deserve whatever they get.” ideology which is hypocritical for their branding of peace, equality, and social justice as its surely represented by their looting, disruption, and vandalism on public areas. 

Even a clip from CNN that showcased puppets in a children's show indoctrinating kids that America is a bad place since “People of color, especially in the black community are being treated unfairly because of how they look.” 

It is hard to make sense due to the unnoticed fact that it's the democratic party that incentivizes broken black families, and abortion leaving black families without a vital family figure. 

Blood Guilt

It seems that America is slowly adopting a North Korean culture, “Blood Guilt,” it's when people are being punished for the sins of their relatives. 

Citizens who disagree with orthodoxy are hurt, innocent people are being accused guilty for things they didn't do. Professional activists blast messages like “defunding the police,” but that's what professional activists are meant to do; that's their jobs. 

What happened? Why isn't anyone in a position of power resisting? 

Even a cosmetics company L'oreal hired Munro Bergdorf in the company's diversity and inclusion advisory board, a black transgender person, who said :

“Your existence, privilege, and success as a race is built on the backs, blood, and death of people of color. Your entire existence is drenched in racism. Racism isn't learned. It's inherited, and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege. Once white people begin to admit that their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth, we can talk.”

Tucker Carlson responded :

“This is terrifying. We should fight against sweeping racial attacks like this with everything we have. Not because we're sympathetic to the specific group they're going after but because it is wrong always, no matter what, no matter who the target is.

No child is born evil, and sin cannot be inherited, that's insane. Certain racial groups are not morally superior to other racial groups, and we should never condemn any ethnicity “The most violent, oppressive force of nature on Earth.”


  1. It’s sad, but unfortunately true, blood will run like rivers in the streets of our country! Civil war is on the horizon and I’m so very afraid it is inevitable at this point!! The silent majority will only stay silent for so long. There will come an incident, which will so incense them, that they will come out shooting, literally!!! And when it’s over, it will be a bloodbath. I have feared this for at least a decade and hoped I was wrong, but it is something that can no longer be ignored. God Bless and help us!!

    • Pamela, you are a right wing nut job advocating Civil War or boogaloo as you white supremacists like to call it. You need help for your misguided hatred and information. You Trump supporters are the violent ones, gun nuts, rednecks, white supremacist groups that are in the hundreds, biker gangs, militia groups, MAGA hat wearing mass murderers, rogue cops, Nazis, the Klan, and bombers like Eric Rudolph and Tim McVeigh, the anti=government people in Idaho and other states, the survivalists. These are the people that are on your side, Carlson’s side, Trump’s side. The Drug Pusher-in-Chief is a serial sexual assauler, a live long mobster running scams like Trump U, 5 bankruptcies, and his whole life is morally bankrupt. He is a constant liar, braggart, insuler, thief, whiner, blamer and lazy ass ignorant punk. You are a cultist and probably don’t even know it. He is all about evil and ego.

      • Just who are you? You are willing to call POTUS ugly names and make assertions about a person you don’t even know. Frankly, I am disgusted. Is this what we have become, little people who want to cause others pain by our hateful words and who hide behind a fake name on the internet.??

      • I thought you were talking about Obama !! Uses FBI to investigate reporters ,Uses IRS to target conservative groups , Uses FBI to spy on other party campaign , tell us the Russians rigged election, for 3.5 years we heard the garbage with no proof whatsoever !! Also hate to inform you the clan is a DEMOCRAT invention !! Byrd of West Virginia who The Clinton’s called their mentor ,was a Clan member !! What about Obama praising Farrakhan ,and even Obama had his picture taken with him ! All the insults you hurl have no basis, yet your party praises Antifa,who beat up anyone they dislike !! You throw out racism charge to shut people up ! And you use Nazi to again shut people up ,yet Nazis were SOCIALISTS !! maybe you should look up history and read how the Democrats filibustered the 1964 civil rights act ,and it was the Republicans that actually voted it in ,It was the Republicans which had the first black US senator elected ,while your party was trying to keep black students out of white schools ! Look at President W. Wilson , he was a Racist on steroids !! And oh yes ,he was a DEMOCRAT !! Tell me, who is burning down cities right now, oh yes leftist group Antifa, and BLM ,Yet you have the audacity to blame every on else for violence with no proof of anything, while your party is there front and center supporting violence, typical socialist behavior, don’t believe me look at what the socialist Nazi party did pre 1933 same Socialism at playbook ,just like Russia 1918 !! But you are a good socialist, blame others for what we do !! Your a liberal hack !!


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