Democrats Vote UNANIMOUSLY to Protect the Syrian Border — But ZERO VOTES to Protect US Border Two Weeks Ago

Democrats Vote UNANIMOUSLY to Protect the Syrian Border -- But ZERO VOTES to Protect US Border Two Weeks Ago

Democrats Vote UNANIMOUSLY to Protect the Syrian Border — But ZERO VOTES to Protect US Border Two Weeks Ago

The Democrats voted unanimously 225 votes to zero to protect the Syrian-Turkish border this week.

129 Republicans joined in the anti-Trump vote.

Two weeks ago Democrats vote UNANIMOUSLY NOT TO PROTECT the US Border with Mexico.


224 Democrats, an 11 Republicans, voted against Trump’s emergency funding for the US Border Wall with Mexico.
They really don’t care about this country.

Last night at his Texas rally President Trump told the crowd “crazy” and “enraged” Democrats “hate our country”.

It sure looks that way.

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  1. And so, GOP does nothing about the deaths and abuse suffered by immigrants under the “protection of our government. Speak up elephants and stop gorging on tax dollars, you are too fat already.

    • @Tony…Most of the immigrants you speak of are border crashers, and care not a twit about our laws and customs. They come here to get the handouts given to them by the KommieKrats who run the Sanctuary Cities, at the expense of the American citizen, which includes immigrants who came here LEGALLY ! Sprinkled in amongst the border crashers are terrorrists, murderers, rapists, and other types of criminals. One America News (OAN) keeps a running tally of the over 26,000,000 illegals we have in this country. They also report that so far this year, the illegals have cost the US Taxpayer well over $215 BILLION, and that is just for 2019, so far. I, for one, find it very difficult to feel sorry for any illegal border crashers. Especially after it is public knowledge worldwide that our president has broadcast to the world that border crashers need not come here.

  2. Re: The KommieKrats….
    Most of them should be charged with TREASON, given a fair trial, and hung if found guilty. But that’s only after a proper tar & feathering, and a bumpy rail ride down to the hanging tree, of course. Charges of FELONIOUS PERJURY should also be lodged against them every time they raise their right hand and swear to uphold and defend the US Constitution. And charges of CONSPIRACY TO DENY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS would be appropriate for those who would dare say “Hell yes, we are going to take your guns” to law abiding American citizens who have the GOD GIVEN UNALIENABLE RIGHT (not a privilege) to keep and bear arms, as enshrined in the Second Ammendment. The SUPREMACY CLAUSE, found in Article Six, makes it very clear that any law, rule, treaty, statute, decree, or what have you that does not comply with the US Constitution, is null and void from inception, and no law abiding American citizen has a duty or obligation to OBEY or ENFORCE any illegal or unconstitutional laws. So I say to them, “MOLON LABE, mo fo’s”

  3. Same way the Democrats refuse to fund our border wall but has funded a wall for Jordan. Actually the taxpayers have been forced to fund two walls for Jordan. One to protect it from Iraq and one to protect it from Syria. Glad to see the Democrats have finally come out in favor of protecting the Syrian dictator. Wish they would spend some time protecting US.

  4. @ Robert…. Have you seen the wall in Israel ? Solid concrete and rebar, about 30 feet high, with gun turrets and guard towers every so often. Last I heard about 6 months ago, it was about 250 miles long. Who do you imagine is paying for that one ?


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