“They Can’t Even Run a Caucus and They Want to Run the Government”



Democrat Train Wreck Continues: “They Can’t Even Run a Caucus and They Want to Run the Government”

The train wreck continues.   The results of last night’s Democrat caucuses in Iowa are still unknown.

After four years of building a case that they know what’s best for America, the Democrats finally had their chance to show their stuff and instead they laid an egg. 

President Trump tweeted this morning:

The President’s Campaign Manager, Brad Parscale, tweeted about the Democrat Party meltdown.

Others point out how suspicious it is that the Des Moines Register poll wasn’t released at the same time the Democrat caucus results are delayed:

The Democrats won’t provide the name of the contractor used in their caucus counting mess:

The train wreck continues:

The conspiracies start even in the Democrat ranks:

What a mess!


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  1. Brad – I submitted the same Response to an earlier Article.
    This, I believe, is the Same Group that Built the Obama Care Web Site
    This is Classic!!!!!!!!!
    A Ten Year Old can build a functional WEB Page

  2. The media just doesn’t understand the logistics of ‘finding’ 18,000 boxes of ‘lost’ ballots in caucus workers trunks…


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